Join Me At Cerise deLand’s Facebook Party #Regency #Romance

1804-1805 ca. Typical Regency Lady's Evening Half Dress. Fashion Plate via Costume Parisienne.

Join Me At Cerise deLand’s Facebook Party.

Have a favorite Regency style outfit? 

Want to sip champagne with FABULOUS  Regency romance authors? 

I’m picking my outfit.  What do you think?

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1833 ca. Typical Gentleman’s Ensemble, British. #Regency

1833 Collage of a Gentleman's Ensemble of Blue-Black tailcoat, cream stirrup trousers, and vest.

1833 ca. Blue Silk Cutaway Coat, British. Double-breasted coat with contrasting velvet lapels. Part of typical gentleman’s ensemble of tailcoat, waistcoat, and trousers.

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1826 Half Dress For Women and Fitted Headdresses. #Regency #Fashion

1826 Half Dress Prevailing Spring Fashions.

1826 Half Dress For Women.   Empire Style Gowns and Fitted Headdresses.   Prevailing Spring Fashions.

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1804-1815 ca. Austrian Dress With Beaded Embroidery. #Regency #Fashion

1804-1815 ca. Collage Fawn bead embroidered dress, Austrian.

1804-1815 ca.  Fawn Dress, Austrian.  Empire line dress with beaded embroidery hem.

This dress was part of the exhibition on 1954 October 15th, 1954, on Fine Art of Costuming.

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1810 Red Evening Dress, British. #Regency #Fashion

1810 Collage Red Net Evening Dress, British. via Victoria Albert Museum.

1810  Red Net  Evening Dress, British.  Machine made silk net, embroidered with chenille thread, with silk ribbon, hand-sewn.  Dress of red silk machine-made net, with high waist, low neck and short, slightly gathered sleeves.

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1788 Lady’s Mourning Fashion. #Regency #Georgian


1788 Lady’s Mourning Fashion.  Late Georgian to early Regency Era. 

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